Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

Want mobile broadband without being tied to a lengthy contract? Pay as you go may be for you.

Mobile broadband has become widespread in today's world, and means that you are never left unconnected. However for many reasons you may not want to commit to a long term contract, maybe you like to be in control of your budget and don't want any unexpected bills, or perhaps you are a light user who does not want to pay for a connection that you may use infrequently.

Pay as you go (PAYG) mobile broadband is the solution you have been looking for. Simply purchase a PAYG mobile broadband dongle and then top up with credit as and when you need it. Top ups can be bought for cash in any outlet that sells mobile phone to-pups, or you can top up online (when you run out of credit the networks still let you access the websites where you can buy top-ups). Simple!

Pay As You Go Buyers Guide

Want mobile broadband without being tied to a lengthy contract? Pay as you go may be for you.

Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Buyer's Guide

For those who don't want or need to commit to a long term contract then pay as you go is a great option. Particularly useful for the occasional trip away or those on a tight budget, PAYG deals allow you to buy usage as and when you need it.

You might also be surprised at the options available to you with a PAYG contract, as more providers are offering extras that used to only be available on contract deals. These include 4G speeds, pocket hotspots for connecting multiple devices, and SIM-only deals geared towards people with tablets and other hand-held devices.

A couple of points are worth considering when comparing deals:

Top ups usually are time limited, so they will expire within a set amount of time (commonly 1 month) or when all the data is used up, whichever is the soonest. So if you expect to only use a small amount of data then make sure that you don't buy a larger top up than you need, it's a 'use it or lose it' deal.

As you aren't committing to regular usage then many PAYG deals carry an upfront charge for mobile devices, so factor that extra cost in if you are also considering a contract deal.

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From £10 for 1GB for 30 days, cost includes 1GB free

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From £16 with 1GB pre-loaded data, top ups available as bolt ons

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